Cherry blossoms in DC

Last year, I didn’t get a chance to see the cherry blossoms in peak bloom because they happened to bloom, like, mid-week, and I couldn’t make it into the city to see them. This year they happened to be peak bloom for a few days including on the weekend so we braved the crowds to take some pictures. Sadly, the event was somewhat marred by the massive trash piles everywhere, but the weather was pretty nice and we went during dinner time so the crowds were somewhat less. I was also lazy so I just took my iPhone but I think the pictures turned out pretty well with just iPhone and Instagram πŸ™‚







The blossoms are all off the trees now because we had a bad bout of rain (and snow!!! In mid-April!!! WTF, weather) and wind go through mid-week. I would recommend trying to see them at some point in your life, though, because they are really impressive even despite the crowds. πŸ™‚


OOTD from this past Friday

Happy weekend! Here’s an outfit post from this past Friday. Yay casual days! I’ve been having a hard time deciding what to wear because of the changing temperatures and the variations in the office temperature so I’ve been wearing a lot of layers. It was nice to just be able to throw on a top and jeans and call it a day, and I wasn’t too hot or too cold!




Neutral makeup look (not the greatest lighting, sorry!)



Top: Lilly Pulitzer “Liv” top (no longer available – similar) | Jeans: 7 For All Mankind Roxanne | Shoes: Adrienne Vittadini Pansy Pump from DSW


My top and jeans were both from RueLaLa and were about half the price that they would sell for regularly! Yay bargains!


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Game of Thrones-inspired makeup: House Tyrell

Did you guys see the big royal wedding episode from this past week of Game of Thrones? πŸ˜€ Well, if you didn’t, I won’t spoil it for you … but I knew what was coming so I decided to do a House Tyrell inspired makeup look this past week.


House Tyrell’s colors are gold and green. Their sigil is a golden rose and it’s something that is often brought up on the show and in the books. Here are a couple of House Tyrell images:



Margaery Tyrell in the green and gold of her house.



Loras Tyrell



A House Tyrell logo wallpaper


So in the show, they tend to use a more mint green color for a lot of the characters as opposed to a more vibrant green. I wasn’t sure how that would look with gold so I used two vibrant green colors in my eye makeup. Let’s take a look!




I applied Urban Decay Half Baked eyeshadow all over my eyelid, and then did Mac Humid eyeshadow in the crease. I blended Humid with Mac Lucky Green to create more of a gradient between the two shades, and used Urban Decay Virgin to highlight.


Top lid eyeliner was Make Up Forever liquid liner in #3, and bottom/water line eyeliner was Make Up Forever pencil liner in #2L. I also used Smashbox Full Exposure mascara.


Face/lip products: Make Up Forever HD foundation, Nars Super Orgasm blush, Make Up Forever lab shine lip gloss in #S2.


Going to do House Lannister next week! I expect to use a lot of gold, champagne, and perhaps brownish shades there. Their colors are crimson and gold, and I don’t want to mix both shades on my eyes so I will just have to do a red lip instead. πŸ˜€

OOTD, whale sweater edition

I’m really into this whale print sweater. It’s such a weird thing that I just had to buy it (at J. Crew, and it was on sale!) as soon as I saw it.


Of course, I got coffee splatters on my white pants as soon as I got to work >_____>, but they were still fine when I took these pictures! And it did wash out in the end!




Sweater: J. Crew (looks like it’s sold out, this one is similar) | Pants: White House Black Market (they only have the ankle length ones at this point) | Flats: J. Crew (sold out, these are similar and on sale!) | Bracelet: Forever21, old | Earrings: Groupon Goods



Hope everyone is enjoying some warmer weather where you are! It’s been pretty nice here recently and spring is finally starting to happen.


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Oh, Sunday …

… it’s kind of a depressing day, because you feel like you have to get so much stuff done around the house and errands run, and Monday is staring you in the face the entire time. But on Saturday, my husband and I went to a tea tasting at Historic Rosemont Manor which is somewhat nearby in Berryville, VA. We had a great time and the food and the tea was really great! AND, I won a drawing for ANOTHER tea so I’ll be back later this year!




This portrait of President Nixon hung in one of the guest rooms … looking straight at the bed … LOL




The china pattern was very cute and delicate, and I noticed that each table had somewhat different china to choose from.


Of course there was food:


And sweets …



And even a cherry-themed scone!



It was kind of annoyingly 60 degrees, where you don’t know if it’s warm or cool. So I wore my Bobeau and skinny pants. But it was really warm at the tea tasting so I could have worn a skirt or dress and not been too cold. Oh well. And for makeup, I wore a few shades from my new Naked 3 palette!




I’m really happy with the Naked3. The shades aren’t super dark and the pinkish tonesΒ  make my green eyes pop. I used Limit and Factory here and a bit of Blackheart to line, along with Make up Forever aqua eyes pencil eyeliner in #2L.

OOTD(s), flat shoes edition

This past weekend, I stubbed my toe so hard that it was red and swollen for days afterward. It wasΒ  very painful. In fact, it’s still a little sore today on Thursday. So I’ve been stuck in boring flat shoes for the past few days.




Mint polka dot blazer – Kohl’s (old, this one from Modcloth is similar but in white and gray) | Tee – J. Crew Factory | Skirt – Express (this one from Kohl’s is fairly similar) | Shoes – Kohl’s (old, and fairly unique)!) | Jewelry – Target, Groupon Goods, etc.


And another outfit!




Shirt and scarf – Kohl’s (similar) | Pants – J. Crew (similar) | Shoes – Can’t remember, but these from Target are similar | Bracelet – Vintage



Lighting’s a little off but here’s a makeup picture!


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March purchase round-up

I can’t believe we’re at the end of March already! I really did not buy that much stuff this month (but April is already looking good because of the Sephora 15% off sale!) but let’s take a look anyway.


This top from Macy’s. The brand is INC and I bought it in a bright pink color that looks like it’s not available online, but it is available in blue, black, gray, and white. I haven’t worn it yet because our weather has been atrocious and the fabric is pretty thin. Soon!



Camomile Cleansing Oil from The Body Shop. This is my first cleansing oil and I have to say, I really like it! It gets the makeup off your skin and doesn’t feel drying at all. This last month my skin has been feeling very dry and I notice a difference when I use this vs. using a regular cleanser.


(I also picked up a regular moisturizer and Tea Tree Oil when I was there, but those are not so exciting, right? But if you’ve never used tea tree oil, and you have acne, I would highly recommend trying it. I’m at the age where I have both acne and dryness [seriously how is that possible?!] and so it’s a challenge finding acne products that actually work yet aren’t too drying and tea tree oil definitely fits the bill.)


And like 5 nail polishes!


From Sephora:


Formula X Solar Flare


Formula X Light My Fire


Solar Flare was good, but Light My Fire chipped within a day. However, I tried using it alone so maybe that was the problem. I think it would look better as a top coat over another nail polish.


Zoya nail polishes in Perrie (a purple shade very close to the color of the year), Laurie (light pink), and Josie (green creme). This was when they were doing their Buy 2, Get 1 Green shade free + free shipping for St. Patrick’s Day so all 3 came to $18 total, not bad πŸ™‚



Bucco “Tonkis” boots in Cognac. I actually bought these from HauteLook. I ordered them at the end of February and they arrived at the end of March! I like HauteLook’s prices but I don’t love their shipping …



Adrienne Vittadini “Pansy” pump. I wore these in an OOTD and they are really comfortable and cute.


Unfortunately I don’t think I”ll be wearing a ton of heels this week because I stubbed my toe big time on our coffee table, and it’s completely red and swollen. (The 4th toe, not the big toe, so I don’t think it’s that serious.) Fortunately we’re in for some nicer weather this week so I think I will stick to mostly open toed shoes and sandals for a few days.


What about you guys? What did you haul this month? And what are you looking forward to next month?


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Missha Friends & Family sale through 4/8/14


Missha is running their Friends & Family sale through April 8! This is a great time to try their BB cream and unique skin care items. The price of their regular Perfect Cover BB cream (which I wear every day) is $15.40 during this sale so it’s barely more expensive than a drug store item at this price. Perfect Cover BB Cream comes in 5 shades, and I use #21 which is roughly comparable to Mac NC15. They also offer a $2 sample pack so you can test all the shades and see which one best suits your skin tone.

A cherry blossom nail top coat? Don’t mind if I do!

Wow! How great is this Formula X Cherry Blossom Top Coat?



I think we’re coming up on one of Sephora’s 15% off sales for VIB’s — so I’m going to have to pick this up! It looks gorgeous over red in this photo. Given the fact that the blossom-shaped glitters look pretty opaque, I think this would layer well not just over red but also over black, or any other deeper shade!


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OOTD, tights in late March edition

The calendar says Spring but the weather says JANUARY! I’m told this will be the end of it, so keep your fingers crossed, I guess.




Cable knit tights and a sweater on March 25? Well, OK, I guess.


Sweater: Old | Skirt: Banana Republic (similar, also similar but perhaps out of stock) | Tights: Kohl’s | Shoes: Adrienne Vittadini (DSW) | Necklace: Kohl’s, worn in many previous OOTD’s before (similar)


Glasses day! My blush in this pic is NYX Mosaic Powder Blush in Dare. I like it because it’s a little different than the pink blush I usually wear and has a bit of a bronzed tone to it.



And my nails this week are Zoya Perrie, which is very close to Radiant Orchid, the Pantone color of the year!


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