Apartment Therapy – January Cure

I guess this is the year of challenges, right?!

Apartment Therapy has a great series on getting organized for the new year. Apartment Therapy  The January Cure. This is a huge sticking point of mine, as I grew up in a household which I assumed was effortlessly clean, but now I realize it takes a HUGE effort!

Today’s task was “Create a Project List.” My home is less than 1000 sq ft (and it’s still messy! This is inexcusable!)  plus we rent, so it didn’t take long. Here were my items and my solutions.

Living Room:

The “Corner of Chaos” under the stairs – Put items away where they belong. Get rid of empty boxes or collapse them and put into storage.

Media shelves are unorganized and dusty – Organize by putting things away where they belong. Take items off shelf to dust and clean.

Coffee table becomes a catch all for a bunch of our crap – Buy some storage items to keep the coffee table more organized or just throw stuff away!

Dining room and kitchen:

Counters are cluttered with stuff that isn’t supposed to be there – Put groceries away; put bowls and dishes away when not in use.

Sink mat, dish towels, and dish organizer are all old and getting icky – Purchase new ones.

Some of the kitchen cupboards are quite disorganized – Use our new Fridge Binz (and other items!) to organize the cupboards so things don’t fall to the back of cupboards, never to be seen again.

Kitchen table full of papers and mail – Come up with some kind of organization system, don’t let things pile up.

Guest room/study:

Shred pile is full of papers and needs to at least be out of the way – Buy a nicer thing to put shred papers in (we’re using an old paper bag now, yeah) … and actually shred on a regular basis. Probably set a phone alarm for this, lol.

Closet shelves are disorganized – Use bins or boxes to organize or throw things away.

Desks both have lots of papers all over them – Get rid of or file papers.

My old desktop computer needs to be backed up – Back up music, photos, etc. or use a network drive.

Bookshelves could stand to be organized and cleaned – Take items off shelf and clean/dust.

Our bedroom:

Both closets are very disorganized – Organize by using boxes and bins; make sure to actually put things away!

We both have a lot of old clothes and shoes that we need to donate – Do a full sweep of both closets and donate anything that we no longer wear.

Furniture is dusty – Keep it clean! Seriously, we paid good money for this stuff from Room and Board and I need to stop being so lazy.

Again, it helps that this is all cleaning/organizing related. Our rental condo unit is VERY dated and actually needs a whole new kitchen at this point. And the carpets are nasty. Yes, carpets, not hardwood. When you live in an expensive city, you make certain sacrifices! But none of that is my responsibility, hahaha.


2 thoughts on “Apartment Therapy – January Cure

  1. Oh boy I re did my entire 600 square feet apt today, to bring heat into the tiny space. I am learning to downsize, and use storage to it’s simplify forms. Not an easy job. I was freezing in this Chicago IL apt until Today! The radiators are free to bring in the heat. YIPPIE. Happy New Year to you and ME.

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