Apartment Therapy January Cure, Assignment #2

Here is Assignment #2 from the Apartment Therapy January Cure!

Unfortunately, I’m already going to fail at it. Why?

Because of this ridiculous fuzzbeast.

Wow, so cat, much smug.

Anyway, this little (not so little) guy is Baxter and he loves all types of plant life. Flowers, lettuce, spinach, kale, it’s all his personal salad bar. Why is this a problem for the Apartment Therapy January Cure? Well, one of their assignments for this weekend is to buy fresh flowers! I haven’t had fresh flowers since about … 2009. LOL. Seriously though, I get their point, but we might have to punt on this aspect of the assignment, unfortunately. I think any flowers we bring into this house will be full of kitty teeth holes within about an hour.

So other than that, our tasks for the weekend are to vacuum the rugs and clean all the floors, and to stock up on good green cleaners. Luckily, I JUST got a new vacuum last month! Hooray! Now I only have to bring it upstairs to clean our bedroom as opposed to just the main level of our condo … hah.

See, this vacuum is smarter than I am. It detaches from itself to be not only an upright vacuum, but also kind of a dirt devil handheld vac. Do I know how to use it? LOL, NOPE. And the instruction manual was less than helpful in that respect. At any rate, we do vacuum at least weekly and clean the hard floors weekly as well, so they are not in total disrepair. As for green cleaners, we are avid users of white vinegar and vinegar/Dawn dish soap for cleaning! It’s great stuff and really does work, especially on gross showers.


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