Apartment Therapy January Cure days 4, 5, and 6!

Just getting caught up on some of the recent January Cure assignments!


The assignments so far this week have been: Set Up an Outbox, Pick a Project, and Prep Artwork for Framing and Display.


First things first, our “outbox.” It’s on a bookshelf in our guest room and it already has some old books and stuff in it. But wait — who’s that in the outbox? KITTY WE AREN’T GETTING RID OF YOU!



Another thing that I want to add to the “outbox” is my bag(s?) of clothes to donate. I really, really need to go through my closet. I have items in my closet from when Bill Clinton was president, no joke. And they’re not vintage or anything, they’re just things I’ve owned since 2000. I mean, I guess it’s great that I’ve worn basically the same size clothes since that time but at the same time, the clothes aren’t exactly in “style” at this point, plus in 2000-2001 I was 16 years old and clothes that are appropriate for a 16 year old aren’t always appropriate for a 29 year old. Unfortunately.


So that leads me to the next task, pick a project. I really want to try to organize my closet. It’s kind of a dumb project because I’m 99% sure we’re moving in July or August, but whatever, plus having less stuff/clothes to move will be helpful anyway. And the old clothes/shoes/etc. can go in the outbox until they’re donated!


As for the framing artwork plan … I actually have no artwork around that I haven’t already had framed! I know! But we usually buy art that’s already framed or we just don’t buy much art at all because we are uncultured heathens.


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