Weekend catch-up

Hey everyone — how’s your weekend going? Are you finally breaking away from some of that unreasonably cold weather?


First things first, an update on the 52-week money challenge I posted a few weeks ago. We’re up to week 2 and I transferred $51.00 into my savings account today! As I posted originally, I am starting at the “end” of the challenge because I’m impatient and like seeing results right away, LOL. So for those of you keeping track at home (and for my own benefit in keeping track), I now have $103.00 saved. Huzzah!


Next up, our Apartment Therapy January Cure for the weekend. This one was a doozy — cleaning out the kitchen, especially the kitchen cabinets. Ugh! I have to confess, we basically never do this. We clean out old food once every few years when we move, and when we notice we don’t have enough space in the refrigerator because of all our half-eaten leftovers. I know … gross.


Here are the assignments:


1. Clean all surfaces, inside and out, with a good earth-friendly surface cleaner.
a. Counters (and sink) — In progress. Also, we clean the counters at least weekly anyway.
b. Cabinets — In progress. Again I say, ugh.
c. Refrigerator — Done! All old leftovers have been cleared out, and inside/outside surfaces have been cleaned
d. Floor (if it needs it again) — OF COURSE IT NEEDS IT AGAIN! I don’t get this at all. Are there people who don’t clean their kitchen floors weekly? I would consider myself pretty gross compared to most of my friends/blogs/etc. (unless they’re all lying … hmmm …) and I definitely clean floors weekly, either by sweeping/Swiffering or vacuuming.
e. Stove — In progress
f. Other appliances — Microwave and toaster oven are done, and I believe we cleaned the coffee pot fairly recently so I don’t want to bother to do it again at this point, hah.

Remove shelf liners and replace or wash and replace. — We’re just renting so I don’t want to mess around with this, lol. But we are wiping down the inside of the cabinets when they are empty.

2. Remove all food:
a. past its expiration date
b. Unused for more than twelve months
c. In containers that are nearly empty
If a food item is old, throw it away; if it is unopened and you will never eat it, give it away. Aim to reduce the mass of your stored foods by at least 25 percent. — I believe we will reach this goal!

3. Remove all cups, glasses, and dishes that are
a. Chipped, stained or unmatching – unless the unmatching is intentional šŸ™‚
b. Extra or unused
Seriously edit down the odds and ends in your glasses, dishware and servingware. If you notice that you are short on certain items, add a note to replace them to your list of projects.Ā  — The great thing about the fact that we tend to move once every 2-3 years is that we’re pretty good about getting rid of old glassware, simply because it is less stuff to move that way. We got married in 2010 and since then haven’t accumulated a ton of glassware outside of what we registered for. Just a few wine glasses from a winery (and I believe we have broken at least 2 of our original wine glasses), and a few coffee mugs. And can you ever have enough wine glasses or coffee mugs …?!
4. Remove cookware you don’t use. — See above! We don’t tend to carry duplicate cookware from place to place. It’s much easier to pawn it off on someone else or toss it before moving.


Another part of this assignment was to cook a meal, which we (and my we I mean my husband as I was out volunteering at the cat shelter!) accomplished on Saturday. We get a weekly crop share from a local vendor and we love looking at their recipe blog in order to get an idea of what to do with all that kale/all those brussels sprouts/etc. So on Saturday, we made this recipe: Shredded Kale and Brussels Sprouts. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any Dijon mustard so the dressing was not as good as it could have been. But it was still tasty. We additionally did not use any cheese; and along with the sliced almonds called for in the recipe we added the roasted seeds from an acorn squash. And we also baked chicken tenders in the oven (no, they weren’t frozen in a bag first!)


Tonight’s plan is for steaks, and we will eat the leftover shredded kale and brussels sprouts salad along with the leftover acorn squash.


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