Recipe post – Potato leek soup

As I may have mentioned before, we get a weekly crop share through a local business here. In our last box, we got a bunch of potatoes and a bunch of leeks. Fortunately, I looked on the crop share blog and saw this great-looking recipe for leek and potato soup!

But … of course I couldn’t just make it the way it said. So along with the leeks, I also chopped up 2 sticks of celery, which I cooked along with the leeks. I think that’s why my soup turned out much lighter green than the photo in the recipe that was posted. I was really just wanting to use up this celery, plus I was kind of afraid of all those leeks! I thought it would be mega-onion-y but it was not at all. 🙂

In addition, I added some garlic powder for flavor at the same time that I added the other spices (bay leaves and chili powder).

In the end, the soup was … good. It was surprisingly plenty creamy even though the only liquid used was water, I guess due to the pureed potatoes. But it was lacking something, and I’m pretty certain that something was bacon. Luckily we have plenty of leftovers, so I think we will refrigerate them and this weekend, I’ll cook up some delicious, delicious bacon and add it into the soup.



PS — How good does this sound?


Now if you want to get fancy, and you’ve availed yourself of the aforementioned Black Truffle Salt, you can whip up some garlic truffle oil in advance to drizzle on top of your soup for an added luscious kick.  Just heat 1 Tbsp of minced garlic in oh about 1 cup of olive oil, throw in some Black Truffle Salt and let that simmer away on low heat for about 30 minutes.  Strain out your garlic, and bottle up the oil for future use.  I added a sprig of dried rosemary to my bottle, because the essence of garlic and black truffle was just not decadent enough.

 I guess I’ll have to get out to the Spice & Tea Exchange at some point and get some of that black truffle salt!

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