Closet organization

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It seemed so short … and I have to work tomorrow during the holiday so I don’t even get a 3-day weekend!


Part of the Apartment Therapy January Cure has been to organize your kitchen cabinets and your closets. It’s taken us a little while, but we both did a lot of organizing work in the kitchen and in the bedroom closet (and by the bedroom closet, I mean my bedroom closet haha). Side note, it may seem that I’m monopolizing all the closet space, but we also have a standard-sized closet in the bedroom, and my husband keeps all his clothes in there and in our dresser from Room & Board. (When we finish our collection with another night stand and another dresser I really want to post a picture of our bedroom furniture! It looks amazing! We already have the standard-sized 6-drawer dresser, but I’d like to compliment it with the tall 5-drawer dresser. That way, I can get rid of the old dresser I have in the closet right now. It’s also a 6-drawer dresser but it is super small and the drawers are extremely shallow so it’s hard to store anything in there.)


We’ll start with the closet first:


This is what you would see when you first come in. My closet is off the bathroom.



I hate how they did this closet in terms of the way it is set up, but we’re renting so what can we really do. These shelves contain my handbags and some of my shoes. Underneath this I hang shirts. The top shelf is a little weird because it’s where we store the box for my computer monitor, but that’s a good place for it in terms of where it fits so it’s OK I guess.


More shoes! These are hanging over the door.



This is my makeup and jewelry organization! My jewelry is in the jewelry case, and in terms of my makeup, my nail polish is in the clear drawer at the very bottom; and in the 3-drawer chest, the lowest drawer contains bath and body products, the middle drawer is all eyeshadow, and the top drawer contains all other products. They’re divided up into different areas like lipsticks, blushes/powders, eyeliners, face makeup, etc. using little plastic boxes I got at the Container Store. I will take a picture (someday!) of my nail polish organization because the drawer is actually sub-divided into smaller compartments so I can organize by color family and have a separate divider for treatments and base coats etc.



Oh — And these are all the clothes and shoes I’m donating!



Yes! That’s two bags worth. Holy crap.


So I still have more organizing to go in here, but it’s a lot better now that I’ve gotten rid of extra clothes and shoes. That bag of clothes is FULL. It may not actually close, LOL. And there’s probably 7 pairs of shoes in the other bag.


I only wish I had some before pictures because there were like, books on the floor, shopping bags, clothes, shoes everywhere, it was a huge mess.


I do also have some cabinet pics from our kitchen and dining area, but I will post them later in the week.


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