Snow day? Snow day!

We did (eventually) get a snow day today — a half day early dismissal from work. Hurrah!


One thing I have noticed since moving here is that snow days are taken very seriously in the south (and yes, we’re south of the Mason-Dixon line so I would consider it, broadly, The South — it’s certainly more southern than where I’m originally from in Ohio!) I don’t think I ever missed a day of work due to weather when I lived in Cleveland. And I missed college classes once, and that was mainly because it was right after a long weekend when many students were off campus anyway and having trouble getting back in town.


Here are some pictures of the day! It is still snowing as I am writing this at 6 PM, but it’s starting to calm down … I think … it’s too dark to tell and I’m all bundled in on my couch so I don’t want to get up and look, LOL.


Outfit pic from this morning. Due to the snow we had an unexpected casual day so I wore jeans. Side note, I tend to like soft, romantic tones for winter. Cream and pink, and in my face pic you can see my gray necklace.



I wore my glasses today because this dry weather has been making my contacts extra dry during the day. I also chopped about 6″ off my hair this weekend and had it colored very dark brown. No big.


I took these pictures around 4 this afternoon when we had a brief moment where it wasn’t so windy. Honestly, to a Clevelander like me the temperature wasn’t that cold. According to our digital thermometer it was about 26, but it was definitely windy so that made it feel a lot colder.



You can still see the grass under this tree, but just barely.


Baby ducks in one of our neighborhood ponds! Awwww …



This is my street. Now I certainly don’t live on a main road, but people do use our neighborhood as a cut-through (which is super annoying, but anyway …) You can see that the road had barely been touched by the plows.



Snow depth on a picnic table. This is the fluffy, powdery snow.



Another shot of the duck pond.


I saw this when I was walking around and I cracked up! It’s a … snowman? Well, an attempt was made I guess.



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