Food review – Aunty’s Steamed Puddings

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty obsessed with World Market. We can walk there from our condo and that’s dangerous. In addition to having really interesting kitchen supplies, home decor, accessories, jewelry, furniture, beer/wine … they also have a bunch of food. And every time I go in there I see a bunch of interesting-looking food and drinks that I just have to try.


I found this in the post-Christmas clearance section last week. No they were not $3.99. I’m not made of money, hah. Like I said, clearance.



I thought … STEAMED PUDDINGS?! I need that! So it made its way into my basket.


The puddings came in two individually wrapped plastic cups covered in foil.



You just take the foil off and microwave for about 40 seconds. Super easy. You could also make them in the oven or in a steamer basket, I think, but who has time for that? After you microwave it, the top layer of the pudding puffs up like bread and splits in the middle. It’s actually really cute.



So now it was time to try it.


Mmmm, delicious!



As you can see, the top part is bread-like, and the under-layers are, um, kind of syrupy? So there was nothing about this that was like American pudding. But that’s ok, I wasn’t really expecting that anyway. Here’s what it looked like when I stirred it around a lot in its cup.



Since my husband is a lot smarter than I am, he actually flipped his pudding out onto a plate.



The bread part was sweet. The syrup/caramel part was REALLY SWEET OMG. Overall the whole thing was a huge sugar bomb. I would not recommend this if you have sensitive teeth that ache when you eat anything too sugary because this was all sugar, all the time. But I happen to really love sugar, caramel, and whatever sticky toffee is I’m sure I like that too, so this was perfect for me. I couldn’t really taste the dates that were mentioned on the packaging, though.


The pudding was heated all the way through (in fact, it was a little too hot) after only 40 seconds in the microwave, and once I was able to stir it a bit, the “sticky toffee” sauce mixed well with the bread-like layers. Portion size was on the small side, but with something this rich/sweet you almost don’t want a huge portion of it.


Overall I would say it was worth the few bucks (less than $2) that I spent on it. So yay World Market and your weird food. I will be back to try more weird food items in the future!


What’s your favorite type of dessert? Would you try pudding from the clearance food section? 😉


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