Butter London nail post

Trying to take a photo of my nails was an exercise in frustration. I take pretty much all my pictures with my iPhone because I am too lazy to use my actual camera – not that my actual camera is all that great anyway. But I just couldn’t seem to focus up close and so all my pictures are kind of blurry. Boo. I think I’ll just have to use my actual camera from now on.

This is Butter London Fishwife. It’s described as a holographic turquoise and sage nail lacquer.

I have tried Butter London polishes in the past and the color range is great and very unique. They have tons of holos, duochromes, metallics, etc. And in the bottle, they look stunning!

But they aren’t necessarily the easiest polishes to use. At $15.00 a pop, I would expect, like, full coverage in one coat, maybe a thin second coat to cover any sparse areas. In these pictures, I used 3 coats, and I can still see nail  underneath. Yikes.

But the color is great, isn’t it? I don’t think the official description does it justice. There is definitely a holo finish to this polish. The base color is a light green, but there is a flash of gold, rose gold, and blue at certain angles.

I do typically get good wear out of Butter London polishes — close to a week, and I’m hard on my nails with typing all day, doing dishes, etc. But again, this polish could have easily used 4 coats. Fortunately, the application was easy as the formula was quite thin, and it didn’t pool or go on all streaky, so layering on multiple coats doesn’t become an issue.


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