Sparkly flats OOTD

This is an outfit I wore earlier this week and am just now getting around to blogging, but it’s not like it much matters because it’s been just that cold and gray every day that I could have worn this outfit last week, or two weeks ago, or this coming week, and it would be fine every time. Ugh, where are you spring?!




My sweater is from New York & Company, but it’s a few years old and I don’t think they sell it any more. This one from Express is similar in style, and this one from Tommy Hilfiger (at Macy’s) is similar in color but is cable-knit. I have no idea where the shirt is from, but it’s probably H&M. I like the way their button-front shirts fit as they aren’t too big through the waist. Khaki pants and sparkly shoes are both J. Crew. Here’s a similar pair of pants;  and sadly, the shoes are no longer available and I can’t find anything else just like them on their website.


Makeup pic:



I’m obsessed with this eye shadow color — it’s DiorShow Fusion Mono in Hypnotique. It’s such an interesting color because it manages to be both a plummy purple and a brownish-gray taupe. It also wears like iron — seriously, if I had taken a makeup picture at 6 when I got back from work I think it would have looked nearly the same!


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2 thoughts on “Sparkly flats OOTD

  1. Kristen,

    We have been adamantly following your blog and you have cultivated quite a following among your husband’s colleagues. However, we think there are a few more features that could further enhance your work:

    1. More Baxter
    2. More Ross. Perhaps you could do your OOTD posts with Ross still passed out behind you. Maybe guest writer advice column with Dr. Ross. Maybe a Ross OOTD special every once in a while.
    3. Pictures of Baxter with/by/on Ross.

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