March purchase round-up

I can’t believe we’re at the end of March already! I really did not buy that much stuff this month (but April is already looking good because of the Sephora 15% off sale!) but let’s take a look anyway.


This top from Macy’s. The brand is INC and I bought it in a bright pink color that looks like it’s not available online, but it is available in blue, black, gray, and white. I haven’t worn it yet because our weather has been atrocious and the fabric is pretty thin. Soon!



Camomile Cleansing Oil from The Body Shop. This is my first cleansing oil and I have to say, I really like it! It gets the makeup off your skin and doesn’t feel drying at all. This last month my skin has been feeling very dry and I notice a difference when I use this vs. using a regular cleanser.


(I also picked up a regular moisturizer and Tea Tree Oil when I was there, but those are not so exciting, right? But if you’ve never used tea tree oil, and you have acne, I would highly recommend trying it. I’m at the age where I have both acne and dryness [seriously how is that possible?!] and so it’s a challenge finding acne products that actually work yet aren’t too drying and tea tree oil definitely fits the bill.)


And like 5 nail polishes!


From Sephora:


Formula X Solar Flare


Formula X Light My Fire


Solar Flare was good, but Light My Fire chipped within a day. However, I tried using it alone so maybe that was the problem. I think it would look better as a top coat over another nail polish.


Zoya nail polishes in Perrie (a purple shade very close to the color of the year), Laurie (light pink), and Josie (green creme). This was when they were doing their Buy 2, Get 1 Green shade free + free shipping for St. Patrick’s Day so all 3 came to $18 total, not bad 🙂



Bucco “Tonkis” boots in Cognac. I actually bought these from HauteLook. I ordered them at the end of February and they arrived at the end of March! I like HauteLook’s prices but I don’t love their shipping …



Adrienne Vittadini “Pansy” pump. I wore these in an OOTD and they are really comfortable and cute.


Unfortunately I don’t think I”ll be wearing a ton of heels this week because I stubbed my toe big time on our coffee table, and it’s completely red and swollen. (The 4th toe, not the big toe, so I don’t think it’s that serious.) Fortunately we’re in for some nicer weather this week so I think I will stick to mostly open toed shoes and sandals for a few days.


What about you guys? What did you haul this month? And what are you looking forward to next month?


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Missha Friends & Family sale through 4/8/14


Missha is running their Friends & Family sale through April 8! This is a great time to try their BB cream and unique skin care items. The price of their regular Perfect Cover BB cream (which I wear every day) is $15.40 during this sale so it’s barely more expensive than a drug store item at this price. Perfect Cover BB Cream comes in 5 shades, and I use #21 which is roughly comparable to Mac NC15. They also offer a $2 sample pack so you can test all the shades and see which one best suits your skin tone.

A cherry blossom nail top coat? Don’t mind if I do!

Wow! How great is this Formula X Cherry Blossom Top Coat?



I think we’re coming up on one of Sephora’s 15% off sales for VIB’s — so I’m going to have to pick this up! It looks gorgeous over red in this photo. Given the fact that the blossom-shaped glitters look pretty opaque, I think this would layer well not just over red but also over black, or any other deeper shade!


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OOTD, tights in late March edition

The calendar says Spring but the weather says JANUARY! I’m told this will be the end of it, so keep your fingers crossed, I guess.




Cable knit tights and a sweater on March 25? Well, OK, I guess.


Sweater: Old | Skirt: Banana Republic (similar, also similar but perhaps out of stock) | Tights: Kohl’s | Shoes: Adrienne Vittadini (DSW) | Necklace: Kohl’s, worn in many previous OOTD’s before (similar)


Glasses day! My blush in this pic is NYX Mosaic Powder Blush in Dare. I like it because it’s a little different than the pink blush I usually wear and has a bit of a bronzed tone to it.



And my nails this week are Zoya Perrie, which is very close to Radiant Orchid, the Pantone color of the year!


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OOTD, wrap dress edition

I finally took OOTD pics with my BR Gemma wrap dress! I bought this back in January and still haven’t worn it in an OOTD. It’s been unbelievably cold here lately — tomorrow is the first day of Spring, and today the high was low 40s and rainy. At this rate, the cherry blossoms will bloom around Memorial Day. Not to mention, this was our view on St. Patrick’s Day:

So I guess that’s why I don’t feel too weird about wearing a long-sleeved dress with boots in March. We still have snow on the ground! And could even get more before the month is over!

Dress: Banana Republic (on sale for $69!) | Boots: No idea — I’ve had them for some time, and there aren’t many boots left in stores this time of year! | Accessories: Necklace is Pandora and was a gift, and I am wearing a simple Tiffany ring on my right hand

As you can see in the above pictures, the dress actually comes to right above the knee. In the picture on BR’s website, it is much shorter. I am 5’8″ so I’m not super short. If you wanted a shorter dress like it shows in the picture, I don’t think this is it.

For eye makeup, I actually wore light green eyeshadow — Mac Lucky Green! You can’t see it too well in these pictures but I liked the fact that it was something a little more colorful and less neutral.

So although I want nothing more than to be in short sleeves and capris, I guess I’ll stick to dresses with boots for now! It will be spring soon … I think … Hah.


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March 2014 Birchbox review


March is here and so I have another Birchbox review and round-up post! This month, I received the following 5 items:


Jergens BB Body Cream

Stila Lip Glaze in Fig

Harvey Prince Cherie Blossom

Air Repair Rescue Balm

Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum


Overall, this was kind of a mixed bag (mixed box?) On the positive side, there was nothing I absolutely hated and all of the samples could easily be used more than once. Hooray! Nothing is worse in these boxes than the tiny, one-time use samples on cheap little cards. HATE. Even the perfume sample could easily be used at least 3 times if not more.


On the negative, I have to say I didn’t love anything. There was nothing in this box that I would want to purchase later. Let’s get to the reviews.


Jergens BB Body Cream: OK, this was just a weird concept in general. I don’t see the point of wearing tinted body lotion. It was a good lotion in that it’s not heavy, sticky, etc. and it felt moisturizing. But I’m just not that insecure about uneven skin tone on my body. Maybe I should be? Hah. I should also add I’ve tried other Jergens products in the past and much like their gradual self-tanning lotions, this product has quite a strong scent. It’s not unpleasant but it is a strong powdery floral scent that is quite noticeable on skin.


Stila Lip Glaze: This is my 3rd shade of Stila lip glaze and each time it seems like no matter what the color looks like in the tube, it’s going to show up mostly clear on my lips. The fig shade looks like a light pinky purple in the tube but pretty much completely disappeared on my lips. I don’t have anything like that so the fact that it didn’t show up on my lips at all was a huge disappointment because I feel like it would have been a cool color. I realize these are supposed to have sheer color but I mean … this was really, really sheer.


Harvey Prince Cherie Blossom: I don’t really like getting perfume samples in my Birchbox because it’s so easy to get them free with your Sephora online orders. This fragrance was nice, but I barely  got any blossom scent from it at all. Instead it smelled very strongly of amber and vanilla, to me at least. It seemed more appropriate for the winter. It did last a very long time on my skin and I could still smell it 8-10 hours later.


Air Repair Rescue Balm: I really liked this on my hands. It moisturized well without feeling sticky or slimy. But it also said it could be used on lips and I don’t know about that, because the scent is incredibly strong. It has an herbal, slightly citrus-y scent that would be really inappropriate and gross up near your face. It’s fine on your hands but I wouldn’t want to smell it right up by my nose!


Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum: This felt very moisturizing, but also rather heavy. I don’t really like heavy moisturizers during the day time. It also smelled strongly of, well, sunscreen! Just like the scent you’d expect to go along with sunscreen. I tend to prefer unscented face products so that wasn’t a great point for me. I do think I will keep this sample around for the summer because I’m always on the lookout for good facial sunscreens that last a long time and don’t make me break out — and this product did seem rather long-lasting which was great. At this point  in the year, however, I will stick to my normal moisturizer which also contains SPF. It just sadly hasn’t been warm or sunny enough to justify wearing SPF 30 sunscreen during the day!


These products are available in full size on, or you could have a chance to sample them with a Birchbox subscription! A subscription is only $10.00 per month, and you can cancel at any time. I’ve found some really great products through Birchbox, such as pretty much all the Beauty Protector hair products, and some great nail polishes from brands like Color Club and Ruffian.


Did you get a Birchbox this month? What products did you get? 🙂

Sephora Formula X Liquid Crystals Solar Flare Review

This past weekend at Sephora I picked up two of the new Formula X nail polishes. These retail at a higher price point ($10.50 to $12.50) than the regular Sephora brand nail polishes, but they’re also available in different colors and finishes.


Formula X Liquid Crystals Solar Flare


Sephora Formula X Liquid Crystal Nail Polish in Solar Flare

I was very intrigued by the Formula X Liquid Crystals formula, which is very shimmery but does not have large glitter particles. Solar Flare is described as “pink micro glitter in sheer strawberry.” First of all, this is NOT sheer. Which is great! But it’s so not sheer, so the description is a little off. I’ve heard that some of other shades are actually sheer though, so your best bet is to swatch it in store or read some reviews before purchasing.


Solar Flare was opaque in two coats. It applied smoothly and the formula is not overly thick. It’s a very pretty and bright color in person, and depending on the lighting it can look more pink or more red. I applied this on Sunday and now that it’s Wednesday I’m noticing significant tip wear, which is honestly par for the course with me — I’m very hard on nail polish because I type so much! But it definitely hasn’t chipped from the base/cuticles of the nail at all.




The Formula X Liquid Crystals polishes retail for $12.50 each at Sephora and are available in 14 shades.


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BeautyArmy subscriptions on RueLaLa!


Today on RueLaLa, a 3-month subscription to the BeautyArmy monthly beauty box is retailing for $23.00, instead of the normal price of $36.00.


I’ve never tried this particular beauty box, but I figured for that price, why not? And unlike other beauty boxes I’ve tried, they allow you to choose your samples (out of a group of samples customized for you) so that’s a nice perk.


If you’ve tried it, let me know how you like it in the comments!


And if you’re not already a RueLaLa member, you can sign up here.

OOTD, still not warm enough edition

It’s March and it’s still really cold. We’ve been barely getting above freezing most days, although next week is forecast to be warmer … if they don’t change their mind first, that is. I’m looking forward to wearing heels again (they’re treacherous on our snow and ice-pack), and skirts, and bare legs. But until then, it’s pants and tops. Sigh.



Long shirt: Target  (I blogged about it in my February purchase round-up from a few days ago!)| Ponte pants: J. Crew (no longer available) | Shoes: Steve Madden, old



I’ve been doing brown eyeshadow and eyeliner the past few days, which is a good look for me because the more red-based browns really make green eyes pop. No filters on this image, just color correction because all my lighting is very warm toned!



Today I did a quick wash of theBalm Shameless Shana from the Shady Lady vol. 1 palette, and used Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Pencil Eyeliner in 2L. And of course, mascara. 🙂


I’m looking forward to spring! It’s been great having all these random days off but spring will be so much better. Fortunately, the first sign of spring is already here as the Park Service has announced the projected peak bloom dates for the cherry blossoms: April 8-12. Which is a good week or two later than we’ve been averaging over the past number of years — last year it was late because we had a late burst of winter in March, but this year it’s just been cold all around ever since January!


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