Academy Awards fashion post!

Here are some of my most noteworthy looks from the Academy Awards. I’m not going to bother posting about the Liza Minellis of the world (seriously, Google that …) but here’s some of the better/most interesting looks.


Best – Kate Hudson in Versace

THE COLOR. THE CAPE. THE PLUNGING NECKLINE. And OMG, the cape, I can’t say enough about it. LOVE. And she is not someone I generally notice on the red carpet so I mean, it really stood out to me.


Other bests


Charlize Theron in Dior

She always looks so great, and I loved that she rocked a gorgeous black dress when the trend was more toward lighter metallic shades.


Lupita Nyongo in Prada

I just loved this on her, she looked so regal and gorgeous. I would have maybe preferred a slightly darker blue color, but if anyone can pull off pastel blue it’s her.


Others (some not great, some good)

Amy Adams in Gucci

I thought this was nice, but understated. Perhaps too understated. The fit was immaculate but it could have perhaps used more detailing. Maybe she could borrow some beading and crystals from …


Cate Blanchett in Armani Prive

This was like the opposite of Amy Adams in some ways. Again, the fit was perfect but the gown was almost too much. Too much sparkle, too much sheer, too much embellishment.


Giuliana Rancic in Paolo Sebastian


So this is one part wedding gown, one part figure skating costume, I guess. She needs to step away from the princess gowns and try something more fashion forward.


Anna Kendrick in J. Mendel

There’s … a lot going on here. A slit, sheer panels, waist detailing, an intricate neckline. And it’s just too much. I’m not a fan.


Olivia Wilde in Valentino

Far be it from me to snark on a pregnant lady but she seriously couldn’t wear a bra? Reeeeeally?


Sandra Bullock in McQueen

Gorgeous color and interesting cut, but somehow the fabric made it look somewhat cheap, like a classy bridesmaid dress.


Who were your best and worst dressed last night? What looks stood out the most?


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