Oh, Sunday …

… it’s kind of a depressing day, because you feel like you have to get so much stuff done around the house and errands run, and Monday is staring you in the face the entire time. But on Saturday, my husband and I went to a tea tasting at Historic Rosemont Manor which is somewhat nearby in Berryville, VA. We had a great time and the food and the tea was really great! AND, I won a drawing for ANOTHER tea so I’ll be back later this year!




This portrait of President Nixon hung in one of the guest rooms … looking straight at the bed … LOL




The china pattern was very cute and delicate, and I noticed that each table had somewhat different china to choose from.


Of course there was food:


And sweets …



And even a cherry-themed scone!



It was kind of annoyingly 60 degrees, where you don’t know if it’s warm or cool. So I wore my Bobeau and skinny pants. But it was really warm at the tea tasting so I could have worn a skirt or dress and not been too cold. Oh well. And for makeup, I wore a few shades from my new Naked 3 palette!




I’m really happy with the Naked3. The shades aren’t super dark and the pinkish tones  make my green eyes pop. I used Limit and Factory here and a bit of Blackheart to line, along with Make up Forever aqua eyes pencil eyeliner in #2L.


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