Game of Thrones-inspired makeup: House Tyrell

Did you guys see the big royal wedding episode from this past week of Game of Thrones? 😀 Well, if you didn’t, I won’t spoil it for you … but I knew what was coming so I decided to do a House Tyrell inspired makeup look this past week.


House Tyrell’s colors are gold and green. Their sigil is a golden rose and it’s something that is often brought up on the show and in the books. Here are a couple of House Tyrell images:



Margaery Tyrell in the green and gold of her house.



Loras Tyrell



A House Tyrell logo wallpaper


So in the show, they tend to use a more mint green color for a lot of the characters as opposed to a more vibrant green. I wasn’t sure how that would look with gold so I used two vibrant green colors in my eye makeup. Let’s take a look!




I applied Urban Decay Half Baked eyeshadow all over my eyelid, and then did Mac Humid eyeshadow in the crease. I blended Humid with Mac Lucky Green to create more of a gradient between the two shades, and used Urban Decay Virgin to highlight.


Top lid eyeliner was Make Up Forever liquid liner in #3, and bottom/water line eyeliner was Make Up Forever pencil liner in #2L. I also used Smashbox Full Exposure mascara.


Face/lip products: Make Up Forever HD foundation, Nars Super Orgasm blush, Make Up Forever lab shine lip gloss in #S2.


Going to do House Lannister next week! I expect to use a lot of gold, champagne, and perhaps brownish shades there. Their colors are crimson and gold, and I don’t want to mix both shades on my eyes so I will just have to do a red lip instead. 😀


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