Casual weekend

First, today’s outfit! Leggings are from Kohl’s, top and sweater are both H&M, and I wore my Ugg boots. What, it was cold and snowy! I know some people hate Uggs but I just can’t hate them.




Did I mention how ridiculously cold it’s been here recently? Today was our highest high since Monday and it was 31. Yikes! And it will be super cold next week too. I’m over you, winter!


Makeup is nothing special today. My necklaces are Brighton and no name brand from Tippr. Hah. It’s great if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on jewelry though!



Finally ~ If you’re doing the 52 Week Money Challenge, how are you keeping up with it? Are you remembering to save each week, no matter if you started from $1.00 or $52.00? I transferred $49 into my savings account today, so I’m up to $202.00 saved this year! Woo-hoo! New purse at the end of the year, maybe …?


Closet organization

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It seemed so short … and I have to work tomorrow during the holiday so I don’t even get a 3-day weekend!


Part of the Apartment Therapy January Cure has been to organize your kitchen cabinets and your closets. It’s taken us a little while, but we both did a lot of organizing work in the kitchen and in the bedroom closet (and by the bedroom closet, I mean my bedroom closet haha). Side note, it may seem that I’m monopolizing all the closet space, but we also have a standard-sized closet in the bedroom, and my husband keeps all his clothes in there and in our dresser from Room & Board. (When we finish our collection with another night stand and another dresser I really want to post a picture of our bedroom furniture! It looks amazing! We already have the standard-sized 6-drawer dresser, but I’d like to compliment it with the tall 5-drawer dresser. That way, I can get rid of the old dresser I have in the closet right now. It’s also a 6-drawer dresser but it is super small and the drawers are extremely shallow so it’s hard to store anything in there.)


We’ll start with the closet first:


This is what you would see when you first come in. My closet is off the bathroom.



I hate how they did this closet in terms of the way it is set up, but we’re renting so what can we really do. These shelves contain my handbags and some of my shoes. Underneath this I hang shirts. The top shelf is a little weird because it’s where we store the box for my computer monitor, but that’s a good place for it in terms of where it fits so it’s OK I guess.


More shoes! These are hanging over the door.



This is my makeup and jewelry organization! My jewelry is in the jewelry case, and in terms of my makeup, my nail polish is in the clear drawer at the very bottom; and in the 3-drawer chest, the lowest drawer contains bath and body products, the middle drawer is all eyeshadow, and the top drawer contains all other products. They’re divided up into different areas like lipsticks, blushes/powders, eyeliners, face makeup, etc. using little plastic boxes I got at the Container Store. I will take a picture (someday!) of my nail polish organization because the drawer is actually sub-divided into smaller compartments so I can organize by color family and have a separate divider for treatments and base coats etc.



Oh — And these are all the clothes and shoes I’m donating!



Yes! That’s two bags worth. Holy crap.


So I still have more organizing to go in here, but it’s a lot better now that I’ve gotten rid of extra clothes and shoes. That bag of clothes is FULL. It may not actually close, LOL. And there’s probably 7 pairs of shoes in the other bag.


I only wish I had some before pictures because there were like, books on the floor, shopping bags, clothes, shoes everywhere, it was a huge mess.


I do also have some cabinet pics from our kitchen and dining area, but I will post them later in the week.

Weekend catch-up

Hey everyone — how’s your weekend going? Are you finally breaking away from some of that unreasonably cold weather?


First things first, an update on the 52-week money challenge I posted a few weeks ago. We’re up to week 2 and I transferred $51.00 into my savings account today! As I posted originally, I am starting at the “end” of the challenge because I’m impatient and like seeing results right away, LOL. So for those of you keeping track at home (and for my own benefit in keeping track), I now have $103.00 saved. Huzzah!


Next up, our Apartment Therapy January Cure for the weekend. This one was a doozy — cleaning out the kitchen, especially the kitchen cabinets. Ugh! I have to confess, we basically never do this. We clean out old food once every few years when we move, and when we notice we don’t have enough space in the refrigerator because of all our half-eaten leftovers. I know … gross.


Here are the assignments:


1. Clean all surfaces, inside and out, with a good earth-friendly surface cleaner.
a. Counters (and sink) — In progress. Also, we clean the counters at least weekly anyway.
b. Cabinets — In progress. Again I say, ugh.
c. Refrigerator — Done! All old leftovers have been cleared out, and inside/outside surfaces have been cleaned
d. Floor (if it needs it again) — OF COURSE IT NEEDS IT AGAIN! I don’t get this at all. Are there people who don’t clean their kitchen floors weekly? I would consider myself pretty gross compared to most of my friends/blogs/etc. (unless they’re all lying … hmmm …) and I definitely clean floors weekly, either by sweeping/Swiffering or vacuuming.
e. Stove — In progress
f. Other appliances — Microwave and toaster oven are done, and I believe we cleaned the coffee pot fairly recently so I don’t want to bother to do it again at this point, hah.

Remove shelf liners and replace or wash and replace. — We’re just renting so I don’t want to mess around with this, lol. But we are wiping down the inside of the cabinets when they are empty.

2. Remove all food:
a. past its expiration date
b. Unused for more than twelve months
c. In containers that are nearly empty
If a food item is old, throw it away; if it is unopened and you will never eat it, give it away. Aim to reduce the mass of your stored foods by at least 25 percent. — I believe we will reach this goal!

3. Remove all cups, glasses, and dishes that are
a. Chipped, stained or unmatching – unless the unmatching is intentional 🙂
b. Extra or unused
Seriously edit down the odds and ends in your glasses, dishware and servingware. If you notice that you are short on certain items, add a note to replace them to your list of projects.  — The great thing about the fact that we tend to move once every 2-3 years is that we’re pretty good about getting rid of old glassware, simply because it is less stuff to move that way. We got married in 2010 and since then haven’t accumulated a ton of glassware outside of what we registered for. Just a few wine glasses from a winery (and I believe we have broken at least 2 of our original wine glasses), and a few coffee mugs. And can you ever have enough wine glasses or coffee mugs …?!
4. Remove cookware you don’t use. — See above! We don’t tend to carry duplicate cookware from place to place. It’s much easier to pawn it off on someone else or toss it before moving.


Another part of this assignment was to cook a meal, which we (and my we I mean my husband as I was out volunteering at the cat shelter!) accomplished on Saturday. We get a weekly crop share from a local vendor and we love looking at their recipe blog in order to get an idea of what to do with all that kale/all those brussels sprouts/etc. So on Saturday, we made this recipe: Shredded Kale and Brussels Sprouts. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any Dijon mustard so the dressing was not as good as it could have been. But it was still tasty. We additionally did not use any cheese; and along with the sliced almonds called for in the recipe we added the roasted seeds from an acorn squash. And we also baked chicken tenders in the oven (no, they weren’t frozen in a bag first!)


Tonight’s plan is for steaks, and we will eat the leftover shredded kale and brussels sprouts salad along with the leftover acorn squash.

Apartment Therapy January Cure days 4, 5, and 6!

Just getting caught up on some of the recent January Cure assignments!


The assignments so far this week have been: Set Up an Outbox, Pick a Project, and Prep Artwork for Framing and Display.


First things first, our “outbox.” It’s on a bookshelf in our guest room and it already has some old books and stuff in it. But wait — who’s that in the outbox? KITTY WE AREN’T GETTING RID OF YOU!



Another thing that I want to add to the “outbox” is my bag(s?) of clothes to donate. I really, really need to go through my closet. I have items in my closet from when Bill Clinton was president, no joke. And they’re not vintage or anything, they’re just things I’ve owned since 2000. I mean, I guess it’s great that I’ve worn basically the same size clothes since that time but at the same time, the clothes aren’t exactly in “style” at this point, plus in 2000-2001 I was 16 years old and clothes that are appropriate for a 16 year old aren’t always appropriate for a 29 year old. Unfortunately.


So that leads me to the next task, pick a project. I really want to try to organize my closet. It’s kind of a dumb project because I’m 99% sure we’re moving in July or August, but whatever, plus having less stuff/clothes to move will be helpful anyway. And the old clothes/shoes/etc. can go in the outbox until they’re donated!


As for the framing artwork plan … I actually have no artwork around that I haven’t already had framed! I know! But we usually buy art that’s already framed or we just don’t buy much art at all because we are uncultured heathens.

Happy end of the weekend!

Hopefully it’s not snowing too bad where you are!


Today I did my nails for the first time in what seems like forever. My color choice was a classic taupe (I don’t think it had a name?) from last month’s ipsy Glam Bag. The brand is Nicka K — I’ve never heard of that so it might be made specifically for Glam Bag. Anyway, it turned out OK, but a bit darker than I would ideally like. This is with two coats.



I just hope it wears well, because there is nothing worse than when your nail polish chips and looks janky midway through the week.


In Apartment Therapy January Cure news, I vacuumed all our floors, cleaned the hard floors, and made sure we had enough cleaners to do the rest of the month (which we do!) In vacuuming I discovered some old cat barf. I believe he barfed from the top of his cat tree onto the floor. He’s just lucky he’s cute.

Apartment Therapy January Cure, Assignment #2

Here is Assignment #2 from the Apartment Therapy January Cure!

Unfortunately, I’m already going to fail at it. Why?

Because of this ridiculous fuzzbeast.

Wow, so cat, much smug.

Anyway, this little (not so little) guy is Baxter and he loves all types of plant life. Flowers, lettuce, spinach, kale, it’s all his personal salad bar. Why is this a problem for the Apartment Therapy January Cure? Well, one of their assignments for this weekend is to buy fresh flowers! I haven’t had fresh flowers since about … 2009. LOL. Seriously though, I get their point, but we might have to punt on this aspect of the assignment, unfortunately. I think any flowers we bring into this house will be full of kitty teeth holes within about an hour.

So other than that, our tasks for the weekend are to vacuum the rugs and clean all the floors, and to stock up on good green cleaners. Luckily, I JUST got a new vacuum last month! Hooray! Now I only have to bring it upstairs to clean our bedroom as opposed to just the main level of our condo … hah.

See, this vacuum is smarter than I am. It detaches from itself to be not only an upright vacuum, but also kind of a dirt devil handheld vac. Do I know how to use it? LOL, NOPE. And the instruction manual was less than helpful in that respect. At any rate, we do vacuum at least weekly and clean the hard floors weekly as well, so they are not in total disrepair. As for green cleaners, we are avid users of white vinegar and vinegar/Dawn dish soap for cleaning! It’s great stuff and really does work, especially on gross showers.

Apartment Therapy – January Cure

I guess this is the year of challenges, right?!

Apartment Therapy has a great series on getting organized for the new year. Apartment Therapy  The January Cure. This is a huge sticking point of mine, as I grew up in a household which I assumed was effortlessly clean, but now I realize it takes a HUGE effort!

Today’s task was “Create a Project List.” My home is less than 1000 sq ft (and it’s still messy! This is inexcusable!)  plus we rent, so it didn’t take long. Here were my items and my solutions.

Living Room:

The “Corner of Chaos” under the stairs – Put items away where they belong. Get rid of empty boxes or collapse them and put into storage.

Media shelves are unorganized and dusty – Organize by putting things away where they belong. Take items off shelf to dust and clean.

Coffee table becomes a catch all for a bunch of our crap – Buy some storage items to keep the coffee table more organized or just throw stuff away!

Dining room and kitchen:

Counters are cluttered with stuff that isn’t supposed to be there – Put groceries away; put bowls and dishes away when not in use.

Sink mat, dish towels, and dish organizer are all old and getting icky – Purchase new ones.

Some of the kitchen cupboards are quite disorganized – Use our new Fridge Binz (and other items!) to organize the cupboards so things don’t fall to the back of cupboards, never to be seen again.

Kitchen table full of papers and mail – Come up with some kind of organization system, don’t let things pile up.

Guest room/study:

Shred pile is full of papers and needs to at least be out of the way – Buy a nicer thing to put shred papers in (we’re using an old paper bag now, yeah) … and actually shred on a regular basis. Probably set a phone alarm for this, lol.

Closet shelves are disorganized – Use bins or boxes to organize or throw things away.

Desks both have lots of papers all over them – Get rid of or file papers.

My old desktop computer needs to be backed up – Back up music, photos, etc. or use a network drive.

Bookshelves could stand to be organized and cleaned – Take items off shelf and clean/dust.

Our bedroom:

Both closets are very disorganized – Organize by using boxes and bins; make sure to actually put things away!

We both have a lot of old clothes and shoes that we need to donate – Do a full sweep of both closets and donate anything that we no longer wear.

Furniture is dusty – Keep it clean! Seriously, we paid good money for this stuff from Room and Board and I need to stop being so lazy.

Again, it helps that this is all cleaning/organizing related. Our rental condo unit is VERY dated and actually needs a whole new kitchen at this point. And the carpets are nasty. Yes, carpets, not hardwood. When you live in an expensive city, you make certain sacrifices! But none of that is my responsibility, hahaha.

52 Week Money Challenge – Week 1!

I’m trying it for the new year!

It’s one of my goals to save more money this year. So I thought this would be a good way to go about it. Here is the challenge:  52 Week Money Challenge



But because I like seeing results right away, I’m going to start at week 52, hah. Also, January is a THREE PAYCHECK MONTH *woot woot* so the extra money I’ll get this month I can use for extra savings 😉


I’m not sure what my plan for the $1378.00 will be at the end of the year, but perhaps a nice new handbag will be in order? Maybe?