Cherry blossoms in DC

Last year, I didn’t get a chance to see the cherry blossoms in peak bloom because they happened to bloom, like, mid-week, and I couldn’t make it into the city to see them. This year they happened to be peak bloom for a few days including on the weekend so we braved the crowds to take some pictures. Sadly, the event was somewhat marred by the massive trash piles everywhere, but the weather was pretty nice and we went during dinner time so the crowds were somewhat less. I was also lazy so I just took my iPhone but I think the pictures turned out pretty well with just iPhone and Instagram 🙂







The blossoms are all off the trees now because we had a bad bout of rain (and snow!!! In mid-April!!! WTF, weather) and wind go through mid-week. I would recommend trying to see them at some point in your life, though, because they are really impressive even despite the crowds. 🙂


Snow day? Snow day!

We did (eventually) get a snow day today — a half day early dismissal from work. Hurrah!


One thing I have noticed since moving here is that snow days are taken very seriously in the south (and yes, we’re south of the Mason-Dixon line so I would consider it, broadly, The South — it’s certainly more southern than where I’m originally from in Ohio!) I don’t think I ever missed a day of work due to weather when I lived in Cleveland. And I missed college classes once, and that was mainly because it was right after a long weekend when many students were off campus anyway and having trouble getting back in town.


Here are some pictures of the day! It is still snowing as I am writing this at 6 PM, but it’s starting to calm down … I think … it’s too dark to tell and I’m all bundled in on my couch so I don’t want to get up and look, LOL.


Outfit pic from this morning. Due to the snow we had an unexpected casual day so I wore jeans. Side note, I tend to like soft, romantic tones for winter. Cream and pink, and in my face pic you can see my gray necklace.



I wore my glasses today because this dry weather has been making my contacts extra dry during the day. I also chopped about 6″ off my hair this weekend and had it colored very dark brown. No big.


I took these pictures around 4 this afternoon when we had a brief moment where it wasn’t so windy. Honestly, to a Clevelander like me the temperature wasn’t that cold. According to our digital thermometer it was about 26, but it was definitely windy so that made it feel a lot colder.



You can still see the grass under this tree, but just barely.


Baby ducks in one of our neighborhood ponds! Awwww …



This is my street. Now I certainly don’t live on a main road, but people do use our neighborhood as a cut-through (which is super annoying, but anyway …) You can see that the road had barely been touched by the plows.



Snow depth on a picnic table. This is the fluffy, powdery snow.



Another shot of the duck pond.


I saw this when I was walking around and I cracked up! It’s a … snowman? Well, an attempt was made I guess.