OOTD from this past Friday

Happy weekend! Here’s an outfit post from this past Friday. Yay casual days! I’ve been having a hard time deciding what to wear because of the changing temperatures and the variations in the office temperature so I’ve been wearing a lot of layers. It was nice to just be able to throw on a top and jeans and call it a day, and I wasn’t too hot or too cold!




Neutral makeup look (not the greatest lighting, sorry!)



Top: Lilly Pulitzer “Liv” top (no longer available – similar) | Jeans: 7 For All Mankind Roxanne | Shoes: Adrienne Vittadini Pansy Pump from DSW


My top and jeans were both from RueLaLa and were about half the price that they would sell for regularly! Yay bargains!


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OOTD, errand running edition

We benefited from some great weather (well, great for this time of year and based on the type of weather we’ve been having, so we’re grading on a curve here) this past weekend so we took advantage of it to run some errands. As such, I was looking to wear comfy clothes that weren’t overly warm because there’s nothing worse when you’re at Ikea than being too hot or being in uncomfortable shoes!


I know people don’t feel too great about leggings as pants, but whatever, I do it all the time. So long as your bum’s covered there’s no big deal in my opinion!

Top: H&M (very old, don’t know where else to get something like this! It’s between elbow and 3/4 sleeves and kind of a lightweight material) | Leggings: Kohl’s | Boots: Old from Kohl’s — I’ve worn these in previous outfits before. These Frye’s are similar as are these from Steve Madden (on sale!) And my bracelet was a gift for Christmas.



On my face, I am wearing Diorshow Fusion Mono eyeshadow in Hypnotique and Mac eyeshadow in Carbon; and my black eyeliner is from an old Glam Bag but it’s just a regular ol’ black pencil eyeliner so I think you could get the same effect with any type of black eyeliner. My blush is TheBalm Instain blush in Argyle and my lip gloss is Revlon ColorBurst in Honey.


Eye closeup: I was going for a fairly low effort, somewhat smoky eye look, so that meant plenty of black eyeliner and mascara.



I can’t wait for the Oscars tonight! Specifically, the fashion — I don’t bother with the actual awards show, hah.


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OOTD from a few days ago(!)

Here’s an outfit post from this past weekend. I wore this outfit to go out running errands — Whole Foods, gas station, Home Depot, etc. I also stopped by Ulta for a few things on the last day of the 20% off coupon!






My chambray top and ponte pants are both J. Crew Factory; it doesn’t look like the pants are available any more but these pants from Madewell are similar. Boots are old. I wear these a lot! And my necklace is a knockoff from Groupon Goods, hah.


Nothing too special on the makeup front either, but I can’t recommend BareMinerals READY eyeshadow enough. I own two of their duos (The Enlightenment and The Showstopper) and wear them both on a regular basis. There’s no fallout under your eyes, no creasing, and very little fading over time. And the colors look the same on your eyes as they do in the pan! I’m wearing the lighter shade of The Enlightenment in these pictures and it’s honestly a color I could wear every day.


Do you have any makeup you could easily reach for every day? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a note in the comments!


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Casual weekend

First, today’s outfit! Leggings are from Kohl’s, top and sweater are both H&M, and I wore my Ugg boots. What, it was cold and snowy! I know some people hate Uggs but I just can’t hate them.




Did I mention how ridiculously cold it’s been here recently? Today was our highest high since Monday and it was 31. Yikes! And it will be super cold next week too. I’m over you, winter!


Makeup is nothing special today. My necklaces are Brighton and no name brand from Tippr. Hah. It’s great if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on jewelry though!



Finally ~ If you’re doing the 52 Week Money Challenge, how are you keeping up with it? Are you remembering to save each week, no matter if you started from $1.00 or $52.00? I transferred $49 into my savings account today, so I’m up to $202.00 saved this year! Woo-hoo! New purse at the end of the year, maybe …?

Snow day? Snow day!

We did (eventually) get a snow day today — a half day early dismissal from work. Hurrah!


One thing I have noticed since moving here is that snow days are taken very seriously in the south (and yes, we’re south of the Mason-Dixon line so I would consider it, broadly, The South — it’s certainly more southern than where I’m originally from in Ohio!) I don’t think I ever missed a day of work due to weather when I lived in Cleveland. And I missed college classes once, and that was mainly because it was right after a long weekend when many students were off campus anyway and having trouble getting back in town.


Here are some pictures of the day! It is still snowing as I am writing this at 6 PM, but it’s starting to calm down … I think … it’s too dark to tell and I’m all bundled in on my couch so I don’t want to get up and look, LOL.


Outfit pic from this morning. Due to the snow we had an unexpected casual day so I wore jeans. Side note, I tend to like soft, romantic tones for winter. Cream and pink, and in my face pic you can see my gray necklace.



I wore my glasses today because this dry weather has been making my contacts extra dry during the day. I also chopped about 6″ off my hair this weekend and had it colored very dark brown. No big.


I took these pictures around 4 this afternoon when we had a brief moment where it wasn’t so windy. Honestly, to a Clevelander like me the temperature wasn’t that cold. According to our digital thermometer it was about 26, but it was definitely windy so that made it feel a lot colder.



You can still see the grass under this tree, but just barely.


Baby ducks in one of our neighborhood ponds! Awwww …



This is my street. Now I certainly don’t live on a main road, but people do use our neighborhood as a cut-through (which is super annoying, but anyway …) You can see that the road had barely been touched by the plows.



Snow depth on a picnic table. This is the fluffy, powdery snow.



Another shot of the duck pond.


I saw this when I was walking around and I cracked up! It’s a … snowman? Well, an attempt was made I guess.