A cherry blossom nail top coat? Don’t mind if I do!

Wow! How great is this Formula X Cherry Blossom Top Coat?



I think we’re coming up on one of Sephora’s 15% off sales for VIB’s — so I’m going to have to pick this up! It looks gorgeous over red in this photo. Given the fact that the blossom-shaped glitters look pretty opaque, I think this would layer well not just over red but also over black, or any other deeper shade!


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Sephora Formula X Liquid Crystals Solar Flare Review

This past weekend at Sephora I picked up two of the new Formula X nail polishes. These retail at a higher price point ($10.50 to $12.50) than the regular Sephora brand nail polishes, but they’re also available in different colors and finishes.


Formula X Liquid Crystals Solar Flare


Sephora Formula X Liquid Crystal Nail Polish in Solar Flare

I was very intrigued by the Formula X Liquid Crystals formula, which is very shimmery but does not have large glitter particles. Solar Flare is described as “pink micro glitter in sheer strawberry.” First of all, this is NOT sheer. Which is great! But it’s so not sheer, so the description is a little off. I’ve heard that some of other shades are actually sheer though, so your best bet is to swatch it in store or read some reviews before purchasing.


Solar Flare was opaque in two coats. It applied smoothly and the formula is not overly thick. It’s a very pretty and bright color in person, and depending on the lighting it can look more pink or more red. I applied this on Sunday and now that it’s Wednesday I’m noticing significant tip wear, which is honestly par for the course with me — I’m very hard on nail polish because I type so much! But it definitely hasn’t chipped from the base/cuticles of the nail at all.




The Formula X Liquid Crystals polishes retail for $12.50 each at Sephora and are available in 14 shades.


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LORAC cosmetics on sale at Sephora

Just a heads-up — It looks like LORAC is getting discontinued from Sephora. When this happens (as it did with Tarina Tarantino in 2012 or 2013, and with the old Sephora for OPI nail polishes last year as well) they will sell what’s left of their stock at a pretty steep discount.


Here’s what’s left of LORAC at Sephora. I’ve been pleased with their lip gloss in the past (the Lip Lustre lip gloss) but haven’t tried the shades they have left as of this point.



I’ve heard that it’s going to be exclusive at Kohl’s, as they are really trying to increase their beauty branding, but as of right now it looks like Ulta still has quite a range of LORAC products so who really knows.